Treasure Adventure Game


Adventures and A Platform in This Pirate Story


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Treasure Adventure Game is a game of platforms and adventures that takes place in the open world. In it you have to find as many treasures as you can.

To experience this adventure, you have to jump from one place to the other hang on ledges and cornices, as well as run through prairies, submerge yourself in water and kill the enemies until you can solve one or another puzzles.

Besides this, you have to find piles of treasures that may be found hidden in the game's scenery, either deep under water and will have to dig deep in the earth.

This game's graphics are not that attractive, but those who lived during the time of 8 bites will have a wonderful walk down memory land. In addition the original group Sonora adds the perfect music.

In spite of the beta phase and being somewhat unstable, and transmitting vibrations, Treasure Adventure Game is a lot of fun
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